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EP 95–Mike Hook on Becoming a Lawyer-Entrepreneur

January 17, 2018

Whether or not you’ve considered opening your own firm – this is the podcast for you. Mike Hook, lawyer, entrepreneur, and founder of Intrepid Law in Toronto, talks about the skills that all lawyers should hone, regardless of entrepreneurial intentions. Hook talks about what pushed him to start his own practice, and offers enlightening advice on how to tell whether practicing in a big firm is for you or not. In addition to advising law students to make the most of all challenges and opportunities presented to them throughout law school, Hook encourages budding lawyers to believe in their own talents and skills. For those interested in taking a professional risk, Hook speaks to the support of the legal community and trusting oneself, and could make even the entirely risk-averse consider taking an entrepreneurial leap of faith.


  1. Phil Robitaille says:

    Thanks for the fabulous take on going your own way.

    1. Law School Show says:

      Thanks for your comments. We are glad that you enjoyed the episode. 🙂

  2. David says:

    Great content, but I would highly suggest investing into a better microphone.

    1. Law School Show says:

      Many thanks for your kind suggestion, David. 🙂

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